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Request Denied: Lucas Refuses to Co-Operate with Government Film Preservation, Tries to Replace Library of Congress Prints with SE 

In an exclusive story, unbeknownst to the public Lucas has refused the original print of Star Wars from inclusion in the Library of Congress' National Film Registry, instead pressuring them to archive the 1997 Special Edition.

The Greatest Speech Against the Special Edition was by George Lucas

In this rare speech given before U.S. Congress,George Lucas powerfully speaks up for preserving films as they were and maintaining our cinematic heritage. He highlights that films belong to the public because they are our history, and slams those who alter films for profit and exercises of power.

The Star Wars Blu-Ray Blues

Exciting as it is that the films are coming to Blu Ray in 2011, it's equally disheartening to see the original versions overlooked. The multi-billionaire Lucas says he would like to restore them, but doesn't have the money. But would it even require much money in the first place? And will this Special Edition release have the same audio-video problems of 2004?

The Right to Preserve Our Cultural Heritage: Film Preservation and the Law 

A look at the philosophical and legal issues at stake in film preservation--and why it is that George Lucas legally can get away with destroying a piece of American cultural heritage.


Saving Star Wars: It's Restoration and Changing Physicality (offsite) 

The only comprehensive article on the total restoration processes Star Wars has endured over the years and the condition of the raw elements.


 How the Grinch Stole Star Wars

The story of George Lucas' crusade to erase his most popular, successful and critically-hailed work, looking at the issue in broad terms. Originally written for website  Obsessedwithfilm.com in 2008.



Don't Rock the Boat: Why the Media, Public Figures, and Fans are Afraid to Speak Out 

Why don't people take Lucas and Lucasfilm to task for what is a pretty serious issue in modern cinema preservation? A culture of fear, complacency and social issues keeps peoples mouths closed.


 Can't Even Get the Special Edition Right

The Special Edition of the Star Wars trilogy was released on DVD in 2004 originally. However, the master was plagued with many audio and video defects--and no, I'm not talking about the deliberate changes. Lucasfilm refuses to correct many mistakes which makes it difficult for even fans of the Special Edition to stomach watching the films.

 Got GOUT? The 2006 Original Version Bonus Feature Fiasco

In 2006, the original theatrical versions of the trilogy were released as supplementary material for a DVD of the Special Edition. These video masters were made in 1993 for the Laserdisc release that year. Read about the history of that controversial release, and all of its unfortunate technical flaws.